The Coveted Love

episode: 24

Love: It is a bonding emotion.  There is a yearning desire to be close to that which we love. It brings us comfort in our hearts.  It brings us a sense of peace and security.  When we love someone, we constantly think of them, and seek out ways to please them so that they are pleased with us.


But love in itself must be expressed, not just declared; it must be substantiated by action, and not just proclaimed. Furthermore,... Read the article

Mind Your Manners

episode: 23

The Islam Way article, Quranic Way of Life,(featured under our Web Focus section) outlines the proper adaab Muslims should have according to the Quran, and exhibits how comprehensive the religion of Islam really is.   It's inspirational.  It leaves not one detail out in our lives. The religion of Islam is all encompassing.  We are given guidance in every aspect of our life. This in turn simplifies our life - and leaves us dignified. It reminds me of the hadith narrated by Salman al-Farsi that it... Read the article

At Her Feet

episode: 22

After finally getting my infant son to sleep, I attempted to catch up on housework that I had abandoned while he was awake.  As I reached for each hanger in order to put up some laundered clothes, I tried desperately to be as quiet as possible so that I didn't wake him up.  At that moment, an old memory surfaced in my mind: I remember as a teenager, I used to stay out late and wake up late, even to my mother’s displeasure.  She would try to wake me up around 11 am, without any success.  Even in her... Read the article

Post Ramadan Reflections

episode: 21

Time flies so swiftly by: it seems that as soon as the new moon ushers in Ramadan - the next thing I know - the new moon ushers in Shawwal.  We spent the month waking early to ensure we ate sahoor, and withholding from food and water during the day.  We made effort to increase in good deeds and withheld ourselves from ill actions and speech.


When the first of Shawwal came, we spent our morning at the masjid for Eid prayer.  We gathered with friends and... Read the article

The Perfect Storm

episode: 20

It was in the middle of the night two weeks ago that Hurricane Ike blew through southeast Texas.  I tried to get a glance at its incredible sight, but the lack of power on the entire street inhibited my attempts.  The wind howled vigorously ripping trees up from their roots. It tore down power lines and fences, and separated intersection lights from their poles.  Heavy gusts of wind blew in the rain that came down in sheets.  Flashes of brilliant green and blue lightning lit up the room.  I couldn't bear... Read the article

In the Still of the Night

episode: 19

According to the National Sleep Foundation, insomnia, or sleeplessness, is an experience of inadequate or poor quality sleep characterized by one or more of the following sleep complaints: (1) difficulty initiating sleep; (2) difficulty maintaining sleep; and (3) waking too early in the morning. (Can't Sleep? -  Learn about Insomnia - National Sleep Foundation)

... Read the article

On the Fast Track

episode: 18

Scientists have long studied the body’s response to fasting.  In their studies, they concluded that it amazingly detoxifies the body and contributes to the healing process.  It has also been attributed to longer life spans and the slowing down of the aging process.


In Will Carroll’s article, Health Benefits of Fasting, he commented the following: “Detoxification is the foremost argument presented by advocates of fasting. ‘Detoxification is a normal body... Read the article

The Blessed Month

episode: 17

The beautiful month of Ramadan is upon us.  It is a month of reflection, prayer and fasting.  It is an opportunity to overturn our bad deeds, increase in our good deeds, and show our gratitude to Allah, subhanahu wa t’ala.


Ramadan is significant in so many ways.  It is the month in which Allah first revealed the Quran to Prophet Muhammad, sallalahu alayhi wasalaam.  “It was the month of Ramadan in which the Quran was [first] bestowed from on high as a guidance unto... Read the article

Your Avowed Enemy

episode: 16

Have you ever heard the phrase, “keep your friends close, and your enemies closer”?  This phrase was coined by Sun-Tzu, a Chinese military general and strategist around 400 BC. The phrase emphasizes the awareness of your enemies, their tactics and characteristics in order to be a step ahead of their deceitful and plotting ways.


Consider this: your enemy is closer than you would expect.  The Prophet, sallalahu alayhi wasalaam, said: “The Shaytaan flows... Read the article

Guidance is With Allah

episode: 15

Do you know how it feels / To stumble around in the dark? / Not knowing which way to go / Hoping for at least a spark? / Do you know how it feels / To not know why you are here / Living a reckless life / Not caring if death is near? / And do you know how it feels / To be guided aright? / When the darkness of this dunya / Is illuminated by Islam - the guiding light… / I will tell you how it feels / To be ever-thankful for the deen / To be guided to the straight path / Alhamdulillah - I’m part of the... Read the article

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